Jonathan Baumbach

ON THE WAY TO MY FATHERíS FUNERAL: New and Selected Stories

The second story, "Men at Lunch" opens...

ĒIt took him five years to discover that his wife was getting it on with his daughterís best friendís father, a man he played poker with on Friday nights, a man with a history of failed bluffs. And it was not that the couple went out of their way to deceive. Their involvement with each other was so continually in evidence he found it difficult -- all but impossible -- to believe they might have something to hide. That was the explanation he gave his friends for his five years or more of blindness and inaction. ...

How had he missed the point for so long? It was that, the failure to see what was obvious to everyone else, that troubled him even more than the fact of his wifeís long term deception. Once a week for 5 years she had been fucking this neighbor, this friend, and he had let it go by as if it were not anything out of the ordinary."

Selected Works

BABBLE (1976)
"BABBLE is the further adventures of the only infant hero in American Literature." --Esquire
RERUNS (1974), Fiction Collective
"RERUNS is about that place -- no small terrain -- where cinema, dream and memory meet, and no other novel has mapped it as well."
B, a novel (2002)
"The novel that takes his initial offers 14 ways of looking at Baumbachís writer-protagonist, 14 narrative variations on the distorting mirror."
ON THE WAY TO MY FATHERíS FUNERAL: New and Selected Stories
Robert Coover writes: ďHe is an exceptional writer... I can think of few authors who can deliver an entire set of stories of such class as these."
YOU or The Invention of Memory"
Narrator remembers or imagines or invents the story of a variable relationship with a woman known only as You.

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